Changing history
A grand piano is an amazing creation of human genius, a complex and beautiful mechanism with the sound that touches human hearts. The instrument consists of more than 12,000 elements. Only a finely-tuned combination of all its components allows the pianist to convey the composer's artistic intent.

The sound is born with the touch of the keys, and from there it begins its journey. The grand piano keyboard has 88 keys, 52 white and 36 black ones, while the old-time instruments can have 85 keys. The keys, in turn, trigger the complex mechanics of the instrument. Unlike the piano, the mechanics of modern grand pianos have a double-repetition system, which allows a musician to produce a much richer sound.

The action mechanism takes energy from the player’s finger. When a musician presses down a key, this energy is transferred down the capstan at the other end of the key to the repetition block, and then, through the jack, lifts the hammer-shank roller towards the string. A hammer strikes a string, and the resulting sound is transmitted to the soundboard. It’s the soundboard that enhances and enriches the sound many times over.

At Grand Piano Lab, grand pianos get not just a new life, but also a restored sound. Just listen to this.

We create customized instruments that have no analogues. Grand Piano Lab is where grand pianos become works of art. The professional work of the restorers and the reverent attitude of the artist ensure the creation of a unique instrument. Every grand piano undergoes three key stages of reincarnation:
Customized pianos
We carry out a thorough diagnosis of the instrument. We disassemble it down to the last screw, so that even the smallest fault doesn’t go unnoticed. We fix all damaged places and restore problem areas.
In Grand Piano Lab, we don’t just restore worn out parts, but also improve aged mechanisms. In our work, we combine classical and modern repair technologies as we constantly study new restoration methods and introduce them into the technical process.
Technical modernization
We bring out its image by combining music and art. Top lid, soundboard and the grand piano body in our workshop become the artist’s canvases.
Unique art painting
About us
A new grand piano is just an instrument that makes beautiful sounds. A restored grand piano is a piece of history under your fingers. A customized grand piano is an exclusive item that belongs only to you.
Our team
  • Sergey Stetsko
  • Anna Redko
  • Alexander Stetsko
The work we do
We carry out a full cycle of piano repair. Our professionals strip the instrument down to the last screw and carefully reproduce the damaged elements and parts of the instrument, while trying to preserve the original parts.

We repair all worn parts of an instrument, we replace removable elements that have outlived their service life. Our meticulous manual work, finishing touches and attention to detail guarantee you the quality of the grand pianos that came out of our workshop.
Grand piano is the epitome of sophistication and elegance. Its body is just as beautiful as its sound. In our workshop, special attention is paid to the body of a grand piano, it should reflect the inner beauty of the instrument. In restoration work we use the best equipment, materials and tools. For piano painting - polyester varnishes of the highest quality.