Antique grand pianos, belts and Pianolift: what do these things have in common?
Restoring a grand piano is a complex, multifaceted process that often requires a lot of imagination. At Grand Piano Lab, our work involves much more than just repairs. To expand our collection, our team of grand piano specialists scours the internet for ads, engages in conversations with grand piano owners, and evaluates the condition of these instruments. And to enhance their professional skills, they study specialized publications, attend seminars and training sessions, and, of course, experiment extensively with different materials.
Реставрация роялей
But today we want to talk about an equally interesting and complex process, the transportation of grand pianos. After all, this is an integral part of our work: the story of a grand piano that comes to our workshop always begins and ends with transportation. Being large and sensitive musical instruments, grand pianos require special handling when moved. Transporting musical instruments comes with many challenges (as we tell below), which is why Grand Piano Lab has its own logistics options. Thus, we can always ensure the safety of our grand pianos.

Grand pianos need moving not only when they are bought or sold. They need to be transported when renting them out, when their owners move homes, or to be delivered to exhibitions and other cultural events. Recently, our 1967 Blüthner grand piano became an honorary musical instrument played at a piano competition that was held in another city. We delivered the concert grand piano to the venue ourselves, using special equipment.
Blüthner, 1967 grand piano
Blüthner, 1967

The process of transportation

Professional movers and piano transportation specialists monitor every stage of the process to ensure the safety and impeccable condition of the instrument upon delivery.

Grand piano can weigh from 200 to 550 kg depending on the model and dimensions. Typically, several loaders lift it up and carry on straps, or roll it on a trolley. Grand piano is placed on a special stand and secured with straps that hold it in place, and this entire structure rests on a trolley with wheels.
A grand piano must always be disassembled prior to moving. The legs and lid are removed and transported separately, but the mechanics can remain inside. Of course, the entire instrument is covered with special protective covers, lined with soft materials and wrapped in film.
Transporting grand pianos in a truck cabin

Possible difficulties

Typically, grand pianos are transported in special trucks equipped with all the necessary means to protect the instruments from temperature changes.

In certain weather conditions, especially in cold winters, transporting a grand piano can become very challenging due to the adverse impact of frost on both the wood and mechanical components of the instrument. At Grand Piano Lab, we use trucks with internal heating, effectively mitigating any potential problems when transporting our grand pianos.
Транспортировка роялей
Specially equipped truck for transporting grand pianos
A number of problems can arise when it comes to lifting large and heavy instruments onto a stage or up stairs. In such tricky cases, a unique device comes to our aid: the PIANOLIFT.
An indispensable device PIANOLIFT
This is the load-and-transport robot that allows you to move and unload grand pianos anywhere, regardless of obstacles such as steep slopes or steps. It can lift up and move instruments weighing up to 600 kg onto slopes of up to 35 degrees. The heaviest grand pianos at Grand Piano Lab are now transported by operators rather than loaders. Thus, the process takes longer, but is more reliable, and the risk of damage is significantly reduced.

We now transport grand pianos and pianos of all sizes ourselves, giving our workshop greater mobility and flexibility.

We’ve already tested the PIANOLIFT in action. We used it to load our 1967 Blüthner concert grand piano and transport it to the piano competition venue.
This unique 1967 Blüthner grand piano from Grand Piano Lab is now available for rental at events and music venues. Its standout feature is the innovative Precision Touch Design mechanics adjustment system that delivers remarkable uniformity in playing feel and precise sound balance. This is the only grand piano in the country that is tuned using this technology, so we treat it very carefully and always transport the instrument ourselves in a specially equipped truck. After transportation, our specialist tunes the grand piano again, and playing our Blüthner, talented pianists perform unique music in large concert halls.
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